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The Central Arizona Water Conservation Board (CAWCD), at its February 7, 2019 meeting, elected Officers and Executive Committee members and appointed members to its various committees.

Board Members Central Arizona ProjectThey are:

Board Officers

Executive Committee
 – Handles emergencies between Board meetings and makes recommendations to the Board.

Finance, Audit & Power Committee
 – Provide assistance to the Board relating to accounting and reporting, the quality and integrity of the District's financial reports, and the budgetary and fiscal practices of the district, operational security, energy risk management and other power and transmission matters.

CAGRD & Underground Storage Committee
 – Provides assistance to the Board by addressing issues, policies and proposed legislative amendments relating to the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District's responsibilities and authorities and CAWCD's underground storage and recovery activities.

  • Sharon Megdal (chair)
  • Karen Cesare, Jim Hartdegen, Pat Jacobs, Heather Macre, Jennifer Martin

Public Policy Committee
 – Provides recommendations to the Board on the District’s position on state and federal legislative issues and other public policy issues.

  • Karen Cesare (chair)
  • Jennifer Brown, Ben Graff, Jim Hartdegen, Heather Macre

Arizona Water Banking Authority Commission
 – Alexandra Arboleda

Arizona Water Protection Fund Commission – Pat Jacobs

All appointments are for two years.

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