Safety is part of our culture at Central Arizona Project (CAP) – it represents who we are and the way we work.

As a part of that culture, we’re a member of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), which means we are constantly striving to improve upon what we’ve already achieved. CAP employees also celebrate a “Safety Week” each year – a series of events that just took place the last week in February.

For 2019, CAP’s Safety Vision Support Team is highlighting the importance of staying safe in every situation, including those outside of work. The slogan is “At work or at play, safety leads the way,” and it features a different CAP employee each month. We’re sharing the photos and messages with the community, as well, as a means of inspiring everyone to stay safe throughout the year.

Here’s the latest Safety Tip:

Fish Tales: Fishing is fun, but is prohibited in the CAP canal. The water is moving very quickly and to ensure the safety of people and wildlife, all 336 miles of the canal is fenced.

CAP at work or play Gilliland

Check https://www.cap-az.com/about-us/safety-cap/take-safety-home throughout the year to see CAP employees staying safe at work and at play and to view more safety tips!

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