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Water is the issue of the day and will be a big issue for the next generation to address. If last year’s CAP Award for Research is any indication, the future is in good hands.

In 2018, two winners tied for First Place, focusing on Sustainability Principles and the Future of Phoenix, Arizona (Veronica Horvath, Arizona State University, Decision Center for a Desert City) and Water Policy in Arizona and the Semi-arid West (William Tintor, University of Arizona, School of Geography and Development and the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research).

If you know some similarly-minded Arizona undergraduate or graduate students, you may want to alert them to CAP’s Award for Research. The deadline to submit a paper is May 15. Original research submitted for this award should focus specifically on water issues that affect Central and Southern Arizona and the Colorado River. Papers can focus on legal, economic, political, environmental, or water management issues, as well as any other issue that might be of interest to CAP or Arizona water users. Priority will be given to Colorado River issues.

The CAP Award for Research is a partnership with the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS). Winners are invited to present their research at AHS’ annual symposium. In addition, the First Place winner will receive $1,000; and the Second Place winner will receive $500. Winners will be notified in July.

“The AHS symposium was an amazing forum to present my work, especially to engage with dedicated experts and hear a variety of opinions,” says Veronica Horvath, one of the 2018 winners. “I have already maintained communication with multiple water managers since the presentation and awards ceremony, which shows the tangible impact of the award!”

The CAP Award for Research is designed to:

  • Encourage and support excellence in water research in Arizona’s colleges and universities
  • Reinforce CAP’s commitment to water education to hundreds of faculty members and students
  • Increase public interest in water issues associated with the use of Colorado River in Central and Southern Arizona
  • Reach and encourage college-level students interested in pursuing water resource management as a future career path

For a list of suggested topics, visit the Award for Research. The online entry form can be found Award for Research Form. Questions? Contact Vicky Campo.

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