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The following “Into the Mind” interview with CAP Board President Pam Pickard ran in the Saturday, Sept. 26 edition of the Arizona Republic. We’re reprinting it here so CAP News readers have a chance to see it, just in case they missed it in the paper.


With drought in the news on a near-daily basis, many Arizonans are looking for ways to do their part with regard to water conservation. One way is to convert landscaping from lush, green lawns to low-water use plants. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to rocks and cactus. You can still have plenty of green and lots of color – even a “lush look” – by selecting plants that are drought-hardy, tolerant of both heat and cold and adapted to desert soil conditions.

Following is a guest blog by Boy Scouts Life Scout DJ Kempson, who worked with CAP, his troop and family to improve parts of the CAP Trail. The CAP Trail runs along the CAP canal traversing Maricopa, Pinal Pima counties. The trail is planned for multiple recreational uses (i.e. walking, jogging equestrian use and bicycling). To learn more about the CAP Trail, click here.

By DJ Kempson, Boy Scout – Life Scout

My name is DJ Kempson. I'm a Life Scout, which is the last rank before Eagle, in Salt River District, Troop 17. In May of this year, I was looking for an Eagle project idea. A boy’s Eagle project is supposed to prove they can be a leader and accomplish something for their community. I was on my bike ride with my family along the CAP Trail in North Phoenix and parts of the trail seemed to be confusing or full of brush. After the bike ride, I thought that cleaning up the trail and adding trail markers to help people navigate the paths better would be a great Eagle project because this trail is used by many people in the community.

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