Laura Grignano ManagerLaura Grignano, former senior policy analyst in Central Arizona Project’s (CAP’s) Resource, Planning & Analysis group, has assumed the role of Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) manager. Grignano, who has been with CAP since 2013, replaces Dennis Rule who retired effective June 7, 2018.

Grignano oversees CAGRD, which was created by the Arizona legislature in 1993 to be operated by CAP throughout its three-county service area – Maricopa, Pima and Pinal. CAGRD’s purpose is to provide a mechanism for landowners and water providers to demonstrate an assured water supply under the Assured Water Supply Rules, which became effective in 1995.

“This is an exciting opportunity to work on a challenging topic,” says Grignano. “Those of us who work on Arizona’s water issues share a common objective – reliable water supplies for the future. We have a long history of working through tough issues to come up with solutions and I look forward to continuing to take part in that dialogue.”

Grignano joined CAP in 2013. She began her career in the Arizona water community in 1998, working for the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). After serving 13 years with ADWR, Grignano joined Arizona Public Service (APS) in 2011 where she worked as a water resource planner and program manager. In her previous CAP role, she collaborated with key stakeholders including the Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA) on policy development and implementation for CAP’s recovery program, determining how stored water will be recovered in the future.

“As we deal with long-standing drought and face the potential for shortage, there’s no doubt these are challenging times,” says Grignano. “I plan to spend a lot of time listening and fostering collaborative relationships. In Arizona, we have a long history of working through tough issues and I’m confident this will continue as we develop the path forward with regard to the state’s water issues.”

Grignano, a Scottsdale resident, is originally from Pittsburgh, Penn. She received her master’s degree in marine science from the College of William & Mary and her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Clemson University. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets and playing golf with friends.