Board extends support for the federal Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan Act

The Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors (CAWCD) convened today for its April meeting. This was the annual Pinal County meeting, so the board met in Casa Grande beginning with a welcome from Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland.  

Related to the Drought Contingency Plan, the board took formal action to adopt a position of support on the congressional Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan act.

“Just this week, Senator Martha McSally and Congressman Raul Grijalva introduced the necessary federal legislation, the ‘Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan Authorization Act,” said Director Karen Cesare, chair, CAWCD public policy committee. “The bills are co-sponsored by the entire Arizona delegation, as well as House and Senate members from the other Basin States. We expect these bills to move fairly soon and very swiftly with CAWCD’s full and enthusiastic support.”

During the Finance, Audit and Power Committee report, Director Mark Taylor discussed the March roundtable discussion and promoted the Stakeholder Rate Briefing scheduled for 10 a.m., April 11 at CAP Headquarters. The briefing will provide information on CAWCD rates, as well as CAGRD rates, fees and dues.

Other actions taken today included:

  • Authorized construction contracts for the West Plants Exciter Replacement and ADA Improvements and Office Modifications at the Mark Wilmer Plant and Tucson Field Office
  • Authorized a preconstruction services contract for the Salt River Siphon Repair, which will take place fall 2019
  • Approved the short-term action plans for the following Customer Service Task Force Recommendations:
    • Begin to include stakeholder perspectives in Board briefs
    • Organize quarterly stakeholder roundtable meetings
    • Produce a customer feedback form for customers and stakeholders to provide input on services received from CAP staff and Board

The CAWCD board meeting also included updates on the Colorado River Conditions (pages 55-59) and an update on Drought Contingency Planning including a mitigation update (pages 60-68).

The Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) Board of Directors is a popularly elected, 15-member board. Ten members are from Maricopa County, four from Pima County and one from Pinal. Members serve six-year, unpaid terms. The board typically meets publicly the first Thursday of each month to establish policy and set rates and taxes for Central Arizona Project.

For more information on the role of the CAWCD board and its current activities, visit For additional details on the April board meeting, take a look at the agenda. Board minutes and videos will be posted here.