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CAP Board of Directors: Information about the 15 Central Arizona Conservation Water District board members

 Title Name Email
General Manager
Theodore C. Cooke
General Counsel Jay Johnson
Assistant General Manager,
Operations and Maintenance
Bob Moody
Additional Management Council Members:    
Director of Operations & Engineering
- Water Control
- Engineering
- Power Programs

Darrin Francom
Director of Finance and Administration
- Finance and Accounting
- Materials and Facilities
- Risk Management
- Information Technologies

Christopher Hall
Director of Centralized Maintenance & Reliability
- Centralized Maintenance
- Maintenance Control

Brian Buzard
Director of Public Affairs
- Legislative Affairs
- Board Administration
- Strategic Planning
- Stakeholder Relations
- Communications

Bridget Schwartz-Manock
Director of Employee Services
- Human Resources
- Centralized Learning and Development
- Protective Services
- Environmental Health and Safety

Bonnie Stone 
Director of Water Policy
- Colorado River Programs
- Resource Planning & Analysis

Patrick Dent
Director of Field Maintenance

Phil Rettinger