In May 2017, CAWCD Board President Lisa Atkins announced the establishment of the “Water Quality Standards Task Force,” which is chaired and comprised of CAWCD Board Members. The scope of the Task Force is to review the legal, operational and policy considerations related to the quality of Non-Project Water that is introduced into the CAP System. The goal is to develop recommended standards for approval by the full Board and Reclamation.  Establishing uniform standards is one of the necessary implementation steps for the CAP System Use Agreement.


The Water Quality Standards Task Force has concluded as of the Board meeting on February 7, 2019.  The Board approved the recommendation of the Task Force on the numeric standards for an expanded list of water quality constituents.

The Board had previously approved (June 7, 2018) the Consensus Proposal on Water Quality Standards.  The Consensus Proposal outlines a framework for managing the quality of Non-Project Water that is introduced in the CAP system, including major water quality program elements and numeric criteria for six key constituents.

In addition, staff committed to follow-on implementation steps, including development of guidance documentation, ongoing engagement with stakeholders, and coordination with the Bureau of Reclamation.

Co-Chairs: Alexandra Arboleda, Terry Goddard

Members: Benjamin Graff, Jim Hartdegen, Pamela Pickard


Meeting #1 “Overview & Context” (5/24/2017)

Meeting #2
“Review of Standards and Operations” (6/6/2017)

Meeting #3
(9/12/2017, 9-11 AM)

Meeting #4
(2/8/2018, 10 AM-12 PM)

Meeting #5
(5/10/2018, 10 AM)

CAWCD Board Briefing

Meeting #6 (1/17/2019, 12:30 PM)

Board Approval (02/07/2019)

Reference Material

  • CAP’s water quality monitoring data and documents
  • Evaluation of direct recovery at Tonopah Desert Recharge Project site 
           - Recovery Plan Update, 2015 
           - Exploration Drilling and Piezometer Array Installation, 2017 
  • Listing of contaminants and standards pursuant to the EPA’s National Primary Drinking Water Regulations 
  • ADEQ’s Reclaimed Water Rulemaking
  • Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Forum website
           - Draft 2017 Review, Water Quality Standards for Salinity, Colorado River System