CAP began the process to develop its own organizational climate adaptation plan in 2017. The process began by assembling a team of CAP staff members (and CAWCD Board directors) who collectively represented key functions within the organization that are vulnerable to current and future impacts of climate change. Through the remainder of 2017 and 2018, the CAP team worked on developing future planning scenarios, climate change impacts, and adaptation strategies that are relevant to CAP’s strategic planning. The step-by-step process of developing this information and a thorough analysis of the results and the impact on each CAP function were compiled into a comprehensive final report.

The exploration of climate change implications and adaptation strategies for CAP followed a business-mapping approach that analyzed multiple functions of the organization, outside of the traditional climate change planning areas of water and power supplies. The end result is a climate adaptation plan that provides a framework for climate impact assessment and adaptation options for the CAP organization as a whole.