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General information about Alamo Dam and the Bill Williams River is available on the US Army Corps of Engineers Alamo Dam webpage .

Alamo Dam Water Control Plan Update

The Corps is commencing a process to update the Alamo Dam Water Control Plan. Additional information about the update is available at

Alamo Dam Releases 2020

Spring rains in central Arizona have filled our reservoirs, and in some cases, have required “flood” releases to restore to normal operating capacity. Alamo Lake is one of these reservoirs and the US Army Corps of Engineers began to release water in mid-March. Click on the link below to read about the releases and impacts to the CAP System.

CAP Briefing Document

As the US Army Corps of Engineers releases water from Alamo Dam, CAP monitored Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in the Bill Williams River as it enters Lake Havasu, at the CAP intakes, and at Salome Rd (approximately 70 miles west of the City of Glendale). These measurements helped to provide our municipal customers with advance notification of increased organic loads as a result of the Alamo releases. CAP is working with Eurofins and the City of Glendale to analyze these samples and data is posted as soon as it becomes available.

Date Bill Williams TOC (mg/L) CAP Intakes TOC (mg/L) Salome Rd TOC (mg/L)
4/20/20 9.3 6.2 3.46
4/21/20 9.4 3.8 5.35
4/22/20 9.2 5.7 4.95
4/23/20 9.0 4.4 4.03
4/24/20 10 5.1 3.88
4/26/20 9.8 5.2  
4/27/20 9.8 3.8 3.40
4/28/20 8.2 4.0 3.42
4/29/20 8.8 4.2 3.20
4/30/20     3.18
5/1/20 9.2 4.7