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At Central Arizona Project, our goal is to provide Arizona with a reliable and sustainable supply of Colorado River water. And for the past 25 years, we've achieved this goal, delivering this crucial resource to cities, farms and industries.

But, how individuals use water is every bit as important to our future as where our water comes from. Delivering Colorado River water only to see it go unused down the drain is a waste, which is why CAP encourages everyone to practice water conservation and use every drop intelligently.

Saving water can be as simple as changing your water use habits or fixing leaky faucets. You can also reduce your overall water use by irrigating your landscape with rainwater or investing in new, more efficient appliances and fixtures.

By dedicating ourselves to using water in the most efficient ways possible, we can help ensure that we have water supplies for future generations, and that we're fostering a conservation ethic that will make our communities more resilient and sustainable.

Change Your Habits

Your attitude and actions are your most important tools to reduce your water use. You can save water every day by making just a few easy changes in your water use habits.

  • One simple way to save a gallon or two is to turn off your faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving. Maybe a gallon doesn't seem that important, but you are adding your efforts to those of hundreds, thousands or even millions of other Arizonans!
  • Saving water outdoors is just as easy! Do you sweep or wash your driveway? Most garden hoses use 10 gallons per minute, while a broom uses no water, so turn off the hose and grab a broom!

You can find many other ways to become more water wise. Youngsters will have fun learning about water waste playing the Test Your Water Sense game.

Fix Those Fixtures

According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average household wastes roughly 10,000 gallons of water every year because of leaks, which is enough to fill a backyard swimming pool. Even a slow leak in a faucet or a toilet can send hundreds of gallons down the drain every day. Usually all that's needed to repair the leak are a few inexpensive parts, some simple tools, and a little time. The City of Tucson Water Department offers some easy fix-it information in their Homeowners Guide to Saving Water or you may want to visit the EPA's Fix a Leak page.

Capture Nature's Bounty

Even in our desert state we get rain which can be very valuable for our urban landscapes. If you are one of the many desert dwellers interested in how to capture and use rainwater, visit and the rainwater harvesting entry on Wikipedia.

Turn to Water-Saving Technology

As more home and business owners look for ways to lower their utility bills and become more "green," manufacturers have responded to consumer demand with innovative fixtures and appliances that are more efficient and less expensive. Many of these are part of the EPA's WaterSense program which sets water efficiency standards that manufacturers must meet in order to bear the WaterSense label. Much like the Energy Star power-efficiency program, purchasing a WaterSense certified fixture or appliance allows consumers to opt for products that save water and offer good performance.