arizona reconsultation committeeBefore the end of 2026, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior will develop new guidelines for the long-term management of the Colorado River system. The Colorado River Basin States will play a leading role in the process to develop those new guidelines. The process will take many years and require multiple levels of discussion, negotiation and coordination within Arizona and among the Basin states.

To ensure Arizona remains stronger together, the Arizona Department of Water Resources and Central Arizona Project have beginning now by reconvened the Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan (LBDCP) Steering Committee delegates as the Arizona Reconsultation Committee (ARC). This committee is developing an Arizona perspective on the reconsultation of the Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages and the Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead, known as the 2007 Guidelines.


Arizona Reconsultation Committee

May 26, 2021 – ARC Meeting #3
March 12, 2021 – Letter to ARC Members
September 17, 2020 – ARC Meeting #2
June 25, 2020
– ARC Meeting #1

Modeling and Analysis Workgroup

May 13, 2021 – MAWG Meeting #5
March 11, 2021 – MAWG Meeting #4
January 26, 2021 – MAWG Meeting #3
November 10, 2020 –
MAWG Meeting #2
July 30, 2020
– MAWG Meeting #1