In August 2017, CAWCD will convene the first meeting of the “Excess Water Task Force,” which is chaired and comprised of CAWCD Board Members. Excess Water is defined as “...all Project Water that is in excess of the amounts used, resold, or exchanged pursuant to long-term contracts and subcontracts for Project Water service.” This Task Force will be reviewing existing policies related to the use of Excess CAP water, with the intent of forwarding recommendations to the full Board.


  • Final scheduling of the first meeting will be available soon.  Use this link to be notified automatically of Board meetings, including Committees and Task Forces. 


(proposed schedule, subject to change)

Meeting #1 “Authorities & Policies” (August)

Meeting #2 “Scheduling & Operations” (September)

Meeting #3 “Options & Proposals” (TBD)

Meeting #4 “Recommendations” (TBD)

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