Wheeling involves using the CAP system to transport and deliver Non-Project Water.  Project Water is defined as Colorado River water available to CAP, along with certain Agua Fria inflows captured in Lake Pleasant.  Therefore, Non-Project Water includes any other water, and can include additional Colorado River water or imported groundwater.  Wheeling is authorized in the 1988 Master Repayment Contract (MRC) between CAP and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.  The MRC includes specific provisions related to wheeling non-Project water, including the joint development of a standard form of wheeling contract. 

CAP is working to resolve the legal, financial and operational issues related to wheeling.  The desired outcome is for CAP to be able to offer contracts, with the approval of Reclamation, for the long-term reliable delivery of Non-Project Water, while protecting the rights of the United States to have water transported under section 8.17 of the MRC, and without interfering with Project Water deliveries.  To advance those objectives, CAP Staff have developed a proposal that relies on increasing the delivery capacity of the CAP system.  The CAP Staff Proposal has been discussed with staff from Reclamation's Phoenix Area Office, but Reclamation has taken no position on it.

CAP Staff Proposal

The CAP Staff Proposal consists of several draft agreements and supporting documents:

Stakeholder Process

CAP has initiated a stakeholder process that is intended to refine and improve the Staff Proposal.  The goal is to have a set of framework documents that can be approved by the CAP Board, and Reclamation, including a standard form wheeling agreement as envisioned under article 8.18 of the Master Repayment Contract.  Please check CAP's Meetings Page for agendas and meeting details.

  1. March 12, 2014: “Serve As You Come”
      1. March 12 Presentation (PDF)
      2. March 12 Audio (MP3)
      3. March 12 Handout
      4. March 12 Meeting Summary
  2. April 22, 2014: “Operations”
      1. April 22 Presentation (PDF)
      2. April 22 Audio (MP3)
      3. April 22 Handout
      4. April 22 Meeting Summary
  3. May 27, 2014: “Cost & Capacity”
      1. May 27 Presentation (PDF)
      2. May 27 Audio (MP3)
      3. May 27 Meeting Summary
  4. June 17, 2014: “Remainders & Closure”
      1. June 17 Presentation (PDF)
      2. June 17 Audio (MP3)
      3. June 17 Revised Standard Form of Wheeling Agreement
      4. June 17 Supplemental Staff Position Statements
  5. Comments & Staff Responses
      1. Joint Stakeholder Comments, July 30, 2014
      2. CAP Staff response to Joint Stakeholders, September 4, 2014
      3. Arizona Mining Association Comments, August 5, 2014
      4. CAP Staff response to Arizona Mining Association, September 4, 2014
      5. Arizona State Land Department Comments, August 20, 2014

    Other Materials

    For additional information, please contact Ken Seasholes, Manager, Resource Planning & Analysis